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The Team


Jamie Nilsen began racing at the age of 12. Racing has always been a passionate endeavor of his but prides himself on demonstrating a strong emphasis on teamwork, sportsmanship, and family values. In Outboard Hydroplane racing Jamie has set 12 world speed records (currently still holds 6), won 15 national high point championships, won 3 national championship races and inducted into the APBA Hall of Champions twice. Moving into Inboard Hydroplane Racing he was the 2013 5 liter National Champion, won the San Diego Bayfair Grand Prix race in 2016, was the 2017 & 2018 Grand Prix Eastern Div Champion and the 2018 Grand Prix North American Champion. Jamie got his first ride in an Unlimited Hydroplane in 2010 on the U-37 where Scott Raney was the Crew Chief. In 2013 he qualified as an Unlimited driver and in 2014 posted his first heat victory in Madison, IN. In addition to driving the U-11 J&D’s presented by Reliable Diamond Tool Unlimited Hydroplane, he is also driving the Grand Prix GP-55 owned by Scott Pierce. 


Lee Langley 
Sam Houghtaling 
Randy Roe 
PK Kiser 
Ken Knudsen 
Brandon Crouse 
Jim Nilsen  

Brian Hedberg 
Jack Peterson 
Fynn Peterson 
David Cormier 
Ben Dowell
Mike Parker 
Reggie Frederick

Travis Johnson 
Brenden Hall 
Emily Raney 
Kellen Raney 
Ashley Raney 
Brian Benke